Data Departemen Nariño

ISO 3166-2CO-NAR
Kota dan desa64
Jumlah penduduk1.498.234 penduduk
San Juan de Pasto 383.846 penduduk
La Llanada 3.694 penduduk
Luas33.268 km²
Tumaco 3.778 km²
Gualmatán 35,0 km²
Kepadatan Penduduk45,0 /km²
San Juan de Pasto 339 /km²
Ricaurte 6,1 /km²
ketinggian rata-rata1.878 m (6.162 ft)
Zona waktuUTC -5:00

Kota dan desa Departemen Nariño

Peta Departemen Nariño

Iklim Departemen Nariño

  1. Iklim Mediterania 44 %
  2. Iklim lautan 19 %
  3. Sabana 19 %
  4. Iklim khatulistiwa 19 %

Cuaca Departemen Nariño (San Juan de Pasto)

Hotel Departemen Nariño

Hotel Hotel Palermo SuiteHotel Palermo Suite

Featuring an on-site regional restaurant, Hotel Palermo Suite offers free Wi-Fi and free parking in Pasto. Valle de Atriz shopping centre is a 5-minute walk away... pandangan yang lebih
Hotel Loft HotelLoft Hotel

Loft Hotel features contemporary clean white architecture in downtown San Juan de Pasto, 2-blocks from the central Nariño Plaza. It offers stylish suites with free Wi-Fi, a massage service and a sauna... pandangan yang lebih
Hotel Hotel Sello DoradoHotel Sello Dorado

Featuring a terrace and a restaurant, Hotel Sello Dorado offers free Wi-Fi and free parking in the city of Pasto. The rooms in Hotel Sello Dorado feature a desk, ironing facilities, and a CD and DVD player. Room service is provided... pandangan yang lebih
Hotel Complejo Hotelero Los CoralesComplejo Hotelero Los Corales
Featuring a swimming pool, a gym and a volleyball court. Complejo Hotelero Los Corales offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and private balconies overlooking the Ocean, in Tumaco. Breakfast is provided and there is a restaurant... pandangan yang lebih
Hotel Hotel Venecia ConfortHotel Venecia Confort

Only 9 blocks from the Templo del Santo Sepulcro in picturesque Pasto, the hotel offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Private parking is free... pandangan yang lebih

Sewa Liburan Departemen Nariño

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Halaman Departemen Nariño

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